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Keep your chin up, Shel
Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:39am

Delilah might have been a kid, but she was no fool. Torn definitely knew Sloane at least. Personally, Delilah wasn't sure how to answer her own question. She remembered being in play jumpers, playing with the antiques in the Rissanna's house, but she only knew who either of them were by their faces. She frowned, and then shrugged.

"I bet my mom does," she answered. They hadn't seen Dad around in a few years. The weekends he was supposed to visit, some 'emergency' always happened and her mom always had to call him last minute to explain why it wouldn't work this time.

Usually at big events, though, Delilah and her sisters dressed all up then got bored and fell asleep in some empty room. Adults were boring.

"Don't lie!" Delilah gasped, turning to accuse Shelby. "You had the biggest crush on Damon Clay when you were, like, nine!" Or, wait, maybe that was Birdie, Delilah's sister. But, uh, someone had. Without pausing to find out, Delilah grinned, wicked, and suggested, "I should go over there, tell him to come over and introduce himself."

  • *Gives Look*Shelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 10:16am
    Shelby was satisfied when he said he was pure. Delilah was bound to get herself into trouble one of these days with assumptions like that. Shelby had already seen half a dozen muggleborns come... more
    • Keep your chin up, Shel — Delilah, Mon Feb 21 10:39am
      • Yeah, or no telling what this one will do nextTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:04pm
        Indifferent as Torn seemed around these two, the three of them clearly had the same upbringing, the same childhood. Irritating memories surfaced of him being dragged to some party or another, having... more
        • She knows I'll curse her back either wayShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
          Shelby's cheeks went instantly hot and she knew there would be two spots on her cheeks that would be nice and pink, as if she'd dressed up as a doll. She scoffed. "Whatever, that was just stupid and... more
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