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Quinn Andrews
Hey, who wants to get a drink spilled all over them???
Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:31pm

Kim always threw the best parties, Quinn thought to herself as she made her way to the roof. Immediately, she felt the loud music and atmosphere fill her pores and senses, loving the exuberance she was ever only offered at the school. Summer had been one boring day after another—but at least she managed to get caught up with all her soaps. And she did get a cool new wardrobe at the end of the summer, so she was happy. She got to wear a cute summer dress, taking advantage of the nice weather that was surely to give way into fall in a few short weeks.

She didn't see anyone she knew at the moment—mostly, there were a lot of upperclassmen around, and Quinn was a little too nervous to approach any of them at the moment. She wanted to see her friends, acquaintances she knew from classes. She left most of the Ahelas in their quiet house, almost feeling like a traitor for having a social life. She needed fun, though, craved it like she did ballet or chocolate.

She did get to brush up a little on her ballet at a nearby studio in her hometown when she returned—her mother had practically burst into tears of joy when she realized her daughter wasn't going to give up the art. It helped Quinn's posture, which had been struggling with all the lack of stimuli from classes at boring common room conversation.

Hestitantly, Quinn took a drink and sniffed it, first—her parents would murder her if she was caught drinking here. Then, she moved to lean against a nearby wall, out of the way until she saw someone she recognized, or at least someone that wasn't with a large group. In doing so, however, she bumped against someone and managed to spill her drink all over them.

“Shoot!” she exclaimed, “I'm so sorry.”

  • Kim Baden did not feel comfortable throwing a party, but it turned out to take virtually no effort. In fact, she refused to take responsibility for it, at least until she knew it would actually... more
    • Trying to make it out sober and failingWillow Clay, Tue Feb 22 4:02pm
      She knew Kim excepted her to turn down the invitation to the party on the roof, and at first, Willow did. But then it came to her that Dom might be there, and on the last minute she dressed up in... more
      • Woah - flashback!Evelyn Moorlaker, Sun Feb 27 5:00pm
        Evelyn made her way up to the roof, not entirely sure why, but at least expecting to see some familiar faces. She wasn't sure if either or both Willow or Dom would be there, but she fully expected to ... more
    • [moving the thread up here]Sloane Rissanna, Mon Feb 21 5:45pm
      "Somewhere," Sloane repeated blandly, just daring either of them to challenge her on it. The place was crowded enough by now. Sloane was less than thrilled to find her arm suddenly linked with... more
      • Oh, what tangled webs we weaveTorn, Mon Feb 21 8:54pm
        Torn remained absurdly stoic when Delilah left, leaving him with Shelby. Shelby was engaged in sketching or something, so Torn didn't feel obligated into mustering up a topic for small talk. She was... more
        • Delilah's the only one weaving, from what I can seeShelby Ewing, Tue Feb 22 9:12am
          She didn't! Shelby could have murdered Delilah for bringing them over. She scowled at her. What did she say to them? Did she tell Damon about that stupid crush?! For one reason and one reason only,... more
          • Damon allowed himself to follow behind the two girls, suddenly feeling his old, bitter mood come creeping back just a little bit. He remembered last time he'd seen Drake, he'd been told to befriend... more
            • Wait, why'd everyone stop singing about me?Delilah, Tue Feb 22 9:31pm
              "We're having a night of just us," Delilah promised Shelby, before anyone else could get involved. The only thing that had stopped her thus far was wanting to clear it with Emma Westbrook, who was... more
              • Because I'm here, of courseEmma Westbrook, Tue Feb 22 10:51pm
                After leaving Torn's side, Emma had pulled her wand out and made good use of it. She and Sloane knew the layout of the school more than anyone else residing within, and Emma had taken advantage of... more
                • *clapclap!*Sloane , Wed Feb 23 7:25am
                  Sloane's composed face fell, just slightly. How had anyone discerned that she and Emma were behind the arrests? She had plotted it out so carefully, taken great pains to make herself a stringless... more
                  • Hey, can I be your knight in shining armor?Torn Winston, Thu Feb 24 2:05pm
                    Now that was interesting. All the hushed conversations he had with Emma, and not once did she ever hint at the possibility that she might have been the one responsible for the headmaster's arrest—not ... more
                    • Only if Damon can be mineShelby Ewing, Fri Feb 25 4:34pm
                      "Sure, why wouldn't we have something for Halloween," Shelby said. This school couldn't be that worthless, if her parents sent her here. Dad promised there were teachers she could learn from. "Just... more
    • Hey, who wants to get a drink spilled all over them??? — Quinn Andrews, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
    • Party like we're all PureDelilah Bell, Mon Feb 21 12:05am
      Music, lights, drinks! Okay, Delilah wasn't going to drink anything (she WAS a little worried it was poisoned, she'd heard the stories, too), but this was great! She dragged Shelby by the hand all... more
      • I'm not much of a partierTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:26am
        Emma Westbrook approached Torn only hours after he arrived back to his second year at the Institute, formally introducing herself, like she had neglected to do last term. Since then, she had often... more
        • I'd rather be drawingShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:51am
          Shelby didn't argue with Delilah, but rolled her eyes and picked her sketchbook back up, wiping the dust off with her hand. These floors were as filthy as half the school's population. "You'd think... more
          • I'd rather you weren't.Delilah, Mon Feb 21 1:04am
            Delilah smirked proudly at her own introduction. Torn seemed to already knew Sloane Rissanna and Damon Clay, so he was probably fine. "You're Pure, right?" she asked, and shrugged to Shelby. "He's in ... more
            • That's not nearly as fun as our companyTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 1:22am
              She was drinking a wine cooler. Drips of condensation slowly traversed down the bottle, some wetting her hand, and Torn was lost in the image for a moment. He only just pulled his eyes away when... more
              • *Gives Look*Shelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 10:16am
                Shelby was satisfied when he said he was pure. Delilah was bound to get herself into trouble one of these days with assumptions like that. Shelby had already seen half a dozen muggleborns come... more
                • Keep your chin up, ShelDelilah, Mon Feb 21 10:39am
                  Delilah might have been a kid, but she was no fool. Torn definitely knew Sloane at least. Personally, Delilah wasn't sure how to answer her own question. She remembered being in play jumpers, playing ... more
                  • Yeah, or no telling what this one will do nextTorn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:04pm
                    Indifferent as Torn seemed around these two, the three of them clearly had the same upbringing, the same childhood. Irritating memories surfaced of him being dragged to some party or another, having... more
                    • She knows I'll curse her back either wayShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
                      Shelby's cheeks went instantly hot and she knew there would be two spots on her cheeks that would be nice and pink, as if she'd dressed up as a doll. She scoffed. "Whatever, that was just stupid and... more
    • Is it a dance party?Madison Connor Teslock, Sun Feb 20 10:34am
      Somehow, she kept missing out on parties. It just kept happening. She barely knew what went on while Kim Baden stabbed three students, or while Abby held a party and blocked the Robeless from coming. ... more
      • Jeez, I really hope not...Gillius Fowle, Tue Feb 22 11:57am
        The past year had been... eventful, to say the least. Somehow, Gilly had managed to alienate himself from all of his friends, and seemed to keep missing out on Robeless events, even though he was... more
        • Don't tell me you don't dance!Madison Connor, Wed Feb 23 7:12am
          Madison Connor was about to rail back at the kid yelling at her, until she realized it was a fellow Quidditch fanatic. Gilly. "Oh, hey," she said, still a little ruffled from the yelling, but gave... more
          • I dance! Just not very well...Gilly, Wed Feb 23 11:19am
            "Oh. Ew." Gilly stared at Kim and Derek, who had indeed been "trading spit", as Madison Connor had put it. The idea of kissing had never exactly appealed to Gilly - sure, he'd had a few crushes in... more
            • Ooooh yeah. I'm in that boat with youMadison Connor, Thu Feb 24 6:47am
              "Yeah, maybe," Madison Connor shrugged. If she'd known Derek was going to be up here, she might not have come. But now, she thought, she shouldn't be letting him get in the way of her life this year... more
              • It's such a humiliating boat to be in.Gilly, Thu Feb 24 2:23pm
                Gilly nodded and smiled as Madison Connor told him about her "weird" summer. It certainly was weird... Prison? Why had she gone to visit a prison...? Then she mentioned professors and something... more
                • On the sea of embarrassmentMadison Connor, Sun Feb 27 11:25am
                  Madison Connor lit up at the mention of Quidditch. She positively breathed it. "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course," she started out, explaining, "I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go... more
                  • Seasickness doesn't help.Gilly, Mon Feb 28 1:16pm
                    "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course. I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go for the Chicago Chimaeras, or the LA Krakens. Oh, shoot, I guess that's all the American ones." Gilly grinned,... more
    • Party like it's 1405Sloane Rissanna, Sat Feb 19 10:34am
      Sloane had not planned to attend the party she'd heard of, but she quickly realized that it was on the roof, and she and Emma did not have surveillance up there. So she dressed, in a black silk dress ... more
      • What about 30000000000000?Damon Clay, Sat Feb 19 4:30pm
        He'd spent the summer with his aunt and uncle. But not Willow or Jenna; Jenna was living with some boyfriend of hers, and Willow was just... not there. And he sort of liked it. He liked the loving,... more
        • Where's your old soul?Sloane, Sat Feb 19 5:47pm
          And there was Damon Clay. Sloane watched him, occasionally out of the corner of her eye, until she felt him hovering a few feet away from her. It struck her for the first time, that he might actually ... more
          • Back in the 18th century...Damon, Sat Feb 19 6:34pm
            He thought he wouldn't get anything out of her, except for one of those long stares, but then Sloane told Damon he looked well. He remembered his aunt giving him an approving look one night before he ... more
            • I guess that's old enough for meSloane, Sat Feb 19 6:58pm
              None of this was anything Sloane had expected, at all. She liked to think she was taking the unexpectedness gracefully, but failed to procure more of a reaction from herself than reassurance that she ... more
              • You guess?Damon, Sat Feb 19 7:54pm
                Maybe he was being too forward, talking too much. Possibly, this was too unlike him, but he'd just had a good summer, and he felt almost optimistic. He was still worried about his mum though, and... more
                • If there was one thing Sloane was good at, and really enjoyed, it was coming up with plans and making them go just her way. She liked to outsmart everyone else. Develop things so intricate, no one... more
                  • So... how about a fossil?Damon , Sun Feb 20 2:49pm
                    Who knew Drake? A lot of people, but he supposed he'd have to think about the people he kept closest to him, whether they would be enemies or work partners... never friends; he didn't have any, just... more
                    • Perfect. For my trophy shelf.Sloane, Sun Feb 20 5:49pm
                      It sounded like a complete challenge, a secret that everyone wanted to keep hidden. Sloane was enthralled. The Pureblood world was full of secrets, but they all had about the same amount of curiosity ... more
    • It IS the first night backDerek Orton, Fri Feb 18 11:46pm
      Derek seemed to have calmed down. At least Grace was still in prison, where he belonged. The last time he'd heard the name was when his mother discussed with Madison's mom about how they might be... more
      • It was Derek. Looking . . . different. "Hi." She realized she was smiling back at him, like his easy smile just made her mouth move. Kim's cheeks pinked with color, and she took a drink of her wine... more
        • Yes, should I pick the game?Derek , Sat Feb 19 1:11am
          Derek moved as Kim put a hand on his chest, sitting on the ledge wall while Kim moved out of the way. His hands moved from Kim's shoulders and stayed on the wall too. He crossed his legs at the... more
          • That just sounds ominousKim, Sat Feb 19 10:22am
            Conney Island? Kim had heard of it, like whispers of a place that might or might not have existed. Part of her wanted to go, while the rest dug her heels in and refused. Pitts' was her world. This... more
            • I'm nothing, if not OminousDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 10:38am
              Derek smiled wider at the comment about shopping all the time. "I never pinned you for a mall rat," he teased, raising his eyebrows once and letting them come back down again. Ramona had taught him... more
              • Ha! Um, sure.Kim, Sat Feb 19 10:59am
                Derek was flirting with her. Kim got that. He was nothing like Howl, a fact she wanted to blame him for. But she was barreling straight past being relieved that he didn't care she kept saying random... more
                • We would make an ominous teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 12:41pm
                  She was trying to put him off, but didn't move. Neither did Derek. It was something Ramona said girls did--playing hard to get. Trying to send message when they really meant something else. So Derek... more
                  • I like the sound of thatKim, Sat Feb 19 7:26pm
                    Kim was temporarily stunned, lost for words, when Derek insulted her imaginary boyfriend. Fiercely, almost impulsively, she agreed, "He's not-" and then instantly realized that she shouldn't have... more
                    • Team, team, teamDerek Orton, Sat Feb 19 10:26pm
                      Derek could tell he struck a chord. She knew Jake was boring. That was obvious enough. Who didn't know Jake was boring? He shrugged off whatever defense she'd stopped as she had. He couldn't help but ... more
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