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Gillius Fowle
Jeez, I really hope not...
Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:57am

The past year had been... eventful, to say the least. Somehow, Gilly had managed to alienate himself from all of his friends, and seemed to keep missing out on Robeless events, even though he was officially one of them now. However, this year three teachers were absent, including Headmaster Grace (temporarily, he assumed, though for how long no one seemed to be sure), due to being thrown in prison by two second years. Gilly had to admire their cunning and ability; surely it couldn't be easy for a couple of twelve year olds to get three teachers thrown in jail.

This yer was also going to be different, because Arlis had left, and now the Robeless was in the hands of Kim, who was only a year older than him after all. Gilly was eager to see how she would run it, and half-hoped she might make him her right-hand man. What if, when Kim left, Gilly himself was made head of the Robeless...? That would just be so cool...

"Ow!" Somebody had just walked straight into him as he struggled through the hordes of people drinking, talking and laughing. "What the hell was that for?" he cried indignantly. After a second, he recognised the person as Madison Connor Teslock, in the year above him, but in the same house. The one who was seriously obsessed with Quidditch. Mind you, Gilly couldn't really talk - he'd been playing himself since the age of four (though he'd managed to get beaten at Quidditch tryouts twice consecutively by that idiot Dominic Moonbeam).

"Oh, hi," Gilly said reluctantly, upon recognising Madison Connor. "Have you seen Kim anywhere?"

  • Is it a dance party?Madison Connor Teslock, Sun Feb 20 10:34am
    Somehow, she kept missing out on parties. It just kept happening. She barely knew what went on while Kim Baden stabbed three students, or while Abby held a party and blocked the Robeless from coming. ... more
    • Jeez, I really hope not... — Gillius Fowle, Tue Feb 22 11:57am
      • Don't tell me you don't dance!Madison Connor, Wed Feb 23 7:12am
        Madison Connor was about to rail back at the kid yelling at her, until she realized it was a fellow Quidditch fanatic. Gilly. "Oh, hey," she said, still a little ruffled from the yelling, but gave... more
        • I dance! Just not very well...Gilly, Wed Feb 23 11:19am
          "Oh. Ew." Gilly stared at Kim and Derek, who had indeed been "trading spit", as Madison Connor had put it. The idea of kissing had never exactly appealed to Gilly - sure, he'd had a few crushes in... more
          • Ooooh yeah. I'm in that boat with youMadison Connor, Thu Feb 24 6:47am
            "Yeah, maybe," Madison Connor shrugged. If she'd known Derek was going to be up here, she might not have come. But now, she thought, she shouldn't be letting him get in the way of her life this year... more
            • It's such a humiliating boat to be in.Gilly, Thu Feb 24 2:23pm
              Gilly nodded and smiled as Madison Connor told him about her "weird" summer. It certainly was weird... Prison? Why had she gone to visit a prison...? Then she mentioned professors and something... more
              • On the sea of embarrassmentMadison Connor, Sun Feb 27 11:25am
                Madison Connor lit up at the mention of Quidditch. She positively breathed it. "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course," she started out, explaining, "I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go... more
                • Seasickness doesn't help.Gilly, Mon Feb 28 1:16pm
                  "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course. I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go for the Chicago Chimaeras, or the LA Krakens. Oh, shoot, I guess that's all the American ones." Gilly grinned,... more
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