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Emma Westbrook
Because I'm here, of course
Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:51pm

After leaving Torn's side, Emma had pulled her wand out and made good use of it. She and Sloane knew the layout of the school more than anyone else residing within, and Emma had taken advantage of the fact that she now had constant access to the restricted section of the library. A whole new world of useful curses were open to her, and there was plenty of opportunities for her to use them now that a good portion of the staff was gone.

She and Sloane had planned a little kick-off celebration of their own for the beginning of the term. Much of the thanks had to go to Kim Baden, for providing the perfect distraction that night. While Sloane attended the party to create an alibi for Emma, the dark-haired third-year was currently finishing up her work, slipping easily and gracefully from the Quesne entrance into a hidden passage only two people in that school knew about—Emma, and her closest acquaintance.

Making a quick detour to her dormitory, assured it was empty at the moment, Emma slipped out of her stealthy black and stylish attire and into a pale green, pretty dress, slipping a matching headband over her head. She had recently dyed her hair dark brown again, as her blonde roots were beginning to show. This term, she would need to be far more diligent in keeping her meager amount of veela blood from becoming obvious (there were so many new purebloods beginning this year).

When she got to the roof, she arrived very sneakily, quickly grabbing some water—she did not taint her body with anything impure; that wasn't something she could emotionally handle—and made her way over to where Sloane was standing. She kept her glee inwardly hidden at the sight of so many purebloods congregated together, figuratively patting herself on the back for her part in the way things were going this term.

“Hello,” she said coolly, her face matching her tone. She recognized the two youngest girls, but had never directly spoken to either one. Still, she waited for someone else to make the introductions, detesting the thought of having to do so herself. She nodded primly at both Torn and Damon, and exchanged a discreet look with Sloane, certain the other girl would catch onto what Emma was conveying.

All the muggle-born beds in the school were now properly cursed to give their owners violent boils come morning.

  • Wait, why'd everyone stop singing about me?Delilah, Tue Feb 22 9:31pm
    "We're having a night of just us," Delilah promised Shelby, before anyone else could get involved. The only thing that had stopped her thus far was wanting to clear it with Emma Westbrook, who was... more
    • Because I'm here, of course — Emma Westbrook, Tue Feb 22 10:51pm
      • *clapclap!*Sloane , Wed Feb 23 7:25am
        Sloane's composed face fell, just slightly. How had anyone discerned that she and Emma were behind the arrests? She had plotted it out so carefully, taken great pains to make herself a stringless... more
        • Hey, can I be your knight in shining armor?Torn Winston, Thu Feb 24 2:05pm
          Now that was interesting. All the hushed conversations he had with Emma, and not once did she ever hint at the possibility that she might have been the one responsible for the headmaster's arrest—not ... more
          • Only if Damon can be mineShelby Ewing, Fri Feb 25 4:34pm
            "Sure, why wouldn't we have something for Halloween," Shelby said. This school couldn't be that worthless, if her parents sent her here. Dad promised there were teachers she could learn from. "Just... more
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