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Madison Connor
Don't tell me you don't dance!
Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:12am

Madison Connor was about to rail back at the kid yelling at her, until she realized it was a fellow Quidditch fanatic. Gilly. "Oh, hey," she said, still a little ruffled from the yelling, but gave him a little smile. Wasn't he supposed to be Robeless now? She felt that as an older Quidditch member, she should probably take on a more mentoring role and tell him the dangerous of that group.

Er. Then again, she was pretty sure by now she was at one of their parties.

On second thought, Madison Connor decided not to say anything.

Kim. Kim Baden. Why was everyone and their mother always talking about Kim Baden, or looking for her, or whatever? Still, Madison Connor craned her neck and looked around the crowd, then raised he eyebrows when she saw the Robeless Queen. "Yeah, she's over there," she told Gilly, "Trading spit with Derek Orton. Oh - no - wait, they're done now."

She was generally peeved to be in the same area as Derek, but clung to it like it was her property. He couldn't kick her out of her own place, she'd show him that. And this school was definitely her own place. At least if Derek and Kim wanted to make out, they'd be taking two jerks out of the pool of everyone else. Madison Connor still watched Austin out of the corner of her eye, once in a while, but for some reason she felt determined to blame him for being roommates with Derek.

Brightening a little, mostly at the thought of disturbing Derek's good night, Madison Connor added to Gilly, "You can probably go over now, looks like that's all finished!

  • Jeez, I really hope not...Gillius Fowle, Tue Feb 22 11:57am
    The past year had been... eventful, to say the least. Somehow, Gilly had managed to alienate himself from all of his friends, and seemed to keep missing out on Robeless events, even though he was... more
    • Don't tell me you don't dance! — Madison Connor, Wed Feb 23 7:12am
      • I dance! Just not very well...Gilly, Wed Feb 23 11:19am
        "Oh. Ew." Gilly stared at Kim and Derek, who had indeed been "trading spit", as Madison Connor had put it. The idea of kissing had never exactly appealed to Gilly - sure, he'd had a few crushes in... more
        • Ooooh yeah. I'm in that boat with youMadison Connor, Thu Feb 24 6:47am
          "Yeah, maybe," Madison Connor shrugged. If she'd known Derek was going to be up here, she might not have come. But now, she thought, she shouldn't be letting him get in the way of her life this year... more
          • It's such a humiliating boat to be in.Gilly, Thu Feb 24 2:23pm
            Gilly nodded and smiled as Madison Connor told him about her "weird" summer. It certainly was weird... Prison? Why had she gone to visit a prison...? Then she mentioned professors and something... more
            • On the sea of embarrassmentMadison Connor, Sun Feb 27 11:25am
              Madison Connor lit up at the mention of Quidditch. She positively breathed it. "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course," she started out, explaining, "I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go... more
              • Seasickness doesn't help.Gilly, Mon Feb 28 1:16pm
                "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course. I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go for the Chicago Chimaeras, or the LA Krakens. Oh, shoot, I guess that's all the American ones." Gilly grinned,... more
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