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Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:25am

Sloane's composed face fell, just slightly. How had anyone discerned that she and Emma were behind the arrests? She had plotted it out so carefully, taken great pains to make herself a stringless puppeteer. How? The Headmaster's nephew? Reece Teslock. The name came to her as her brain opened to that page of the encyclopedia. How did he find out? Did the Headmaster know? Someone had to track this, someone had to find out how everyone knew.

She was greatly less distraught to learn that someone thought she was a boy. If anything, that was good, because it meant she'd gone unnoticed.

Sloane opened her mouth to say something in retaliation, to essentially threaten to know where Reece Teslock had heard that, when Emma came up beside her. Sloane was somewhat frazzled, she looked to Damon and then realized she was looking to Damon, and looked on to Emma, instead. This was officially a problem.

  • Because I'm here, of courseEmma Westbrook, Tue Feb 22 10:51pm
    After leaving Torn's side, Emma had pulled her wand out and made good use of it. She and Sloane knew the layout of the school more than anyone else residing within, and Emma had taken advantage of... more
    • *clapclap!* — Sloane , Wed Feb 23 7:25am
      • Hey, can I be your knight in shining armor?Torn Winston, Thu Feb 24 2:05pm
        Now that was interesting. All the hushed conversations he had with Emma, and not once did she ever hint at the possibility that she might have been the one responsible for the headmaster's arrest—not ... more
        • Only if Damon can be mineShelby Ewing, Fri Feb 25 4:34pm
          "Sure, why wouldn't we have something for Halloween," Shelby said. This school couldn't be that worthless, if her parents sent her here. Dad promised there were teachers she could learn from. "Just... more
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