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It's such a humiliating boat to be in.
Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:23pm

Gilly nodded and smiled as Madison Connor told him about her "weird" summer. It certainly was weird... Prison? Why had she gone to visit a prison...? Then she mentioned professors and something clicked in Gilly's brain - of course, she was Headmaster Grace's niece wasn't she? He remembered now. His smile became sympathetic, but he brightened considerably when she talked of Quidditch:

"But my Quidditch summer league team won the tournament last week!"

"That's cool!" Gilly said, grinning. "Who do you support?"
Since girls were the gender he chose primarily to hang around with, it was nice that at least some of them could talk about Quidditch. He'd tried to talk about it with evelyn once or twice before they'd broken up for the summer, but she'd quickly grown bored and talked of her boyfriend, of all conversation topics. Male celebrities and random attractive guys walking past on the street or whatever were fine to discuss (in fact, they were one of his favourite topics of discussion) but other people's boyfriends bored him immensely, especially when they were Muggles, therefore having no concept of or interest in Quidditch.

As Madison Connor asked if he was officially Robeless, a small smirk crept onto his face. "Yup," he told her, unable to stop himself grinning. He felt so... cool. The feeling was amazing; he was virtually untouchable. He'd always been overshadowed and outsmarted by his brothers, but the schools they had been to had never had any kind of Robeless-type organisations. They had no clue was it was like. It was almost, he thought, with a small sigh of satisfaction, like being a rebel.

"I burned my robes last year," Gilly added, looking proudly down at the new white T-shirt and designer jeans he had persuaded his parents to buy during the summer (after telling them that Robes weren't worn at Pitts' anymore - well, it wasn't a complete lie) and feeling cooler than ever.

  • Ooooh yeah. I'm in that boat with youMadison Connor, Thu Feb 24 6:47am
    "Yeah, maybe," Madison Connor shrugged. If she'd known Derek was going to be up here, she might not have come. But now, she thought, she shouldn't be letting him get in the way of her life this year... more
    • It's such a humiliating boat to be in. — Gilly, Thu Feb 24 2:23pm
      • On the sea of embarrassmentMadison Connor, Sun Feb 27 11:25am
        Madison Connor lit up at the mention of Quidditch. She positively breathed it. "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course," she started out, explaining, "I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go... more
        • Seasickness doesn't help.Gilly, Mon Feb 28 1:16pm
          "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course. I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go for the Chicago Chimaeras, or the LA Krakens. Oh, shoot, I guess that's all the American ones." Gilly grinned,... more
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