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Start of Term Feast [Tag: Everyone]
Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:53pm

The beginning of this term was a far cry of what last term's kick-off was like. Eve remembered welcoming the entire student body back with unrestrained glee over the fact that Rand had made it onto a list of powerful wizards, while Devon had only been made an honorable mention. Now, neither man was present—nor Annet and Adam—and Eve was left flanked by two additions to the school that she was anything but happy about. Anne Duffy, the new DADA professor, was nothing short of a bitch. And, the other woman present at the staff table...her cousin, Ebony Winchester, was a thorn in Eve's side as well.

Subdued slightly by her anxiety medication, Eve was sitting in the center of the table. She had briefly entertained not attending the start-of-term feast, and leaving the speech to her self-appointed deputy headmaster—if only to keep up that very odd tradition—but Eve had a feeling that every move she made was now being watched like a hawk with Duffy acquiring her position through the means of a the school's very manipulative Council. Eve had been contacted nearly on a daily basis from some member of the council, and often times endured meetings with a few members in her office since Anne moved in. They had a hook in the school, and now they were taking advantage of that.

So, she was sitting in Backwoods Court, consciously avoiding eye-contact with Anne, and ignoring each jab of Ebony's wand as her cousin tried to get her attention two seats down.

“Why the bleeding hell are you wearing those God-awful shoes, Eve?” Ebony demanded the first time she caught Eve's eye. After that, Eve just pretended she was sitting in the large hall by herself.

It didn't feel right, without Rand next to her. Devon's absence would have been a blessing under different circumstances—actually, it would have been expected, since she had been the former DH and therefore needed to be there to give the speech. The Head rarely gave the speech, so it was probably a little odd that Eve stood up at that moment to silence the students, instead of Jered Harding—whom Eve had promoted reluctantly.

Eve smiled blandly out at the students; she wouldn't have even made an effort, had it not been for the fact that many of them had to be more than a little frightened at the turn of events from last term. There was an air of instability surrounding the school, now. Cassie was in more danger than before; a psychopath was due to teach DADA; trusted faculty were imprisoned; Ebony was in the school...

“Good evening,” greeted Eve dully. “Welcome back. Due to many unforeseen events, Pitts' Institute is currently short-staffed. However, rest assured that all classes will begin at the usual time.

“We have a few additions to staff: Professor Duffy will be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor—” Eve gave a rather violent jerk of her head in Anne's direction, rather than directly looking at her, and then looked over and pointed to Ebony, “And, Professor Winchester will be your new Transfiguration instructor.” She paused and swallowed briefly, squaring her shoulder to seem not quite as frail and broken as she was. “Professor Harding, in addition to continuing on as your Flying professor and coach, will now be your Potions instructor; Professor Locke will remain your Muggle Studies professor, as well as be your new Care of Magical Creatures professor...” Eve gave everyone a hard stare, as though daring anyone to say a word against Cassie, or criticize Eve's potentially reckless decision.

“I will be your Charms and Ancient Runes professor. And, of course,” Eve continued, nodding over at Sarah, “Nurse Mason is still manning Mercy Wing.” Eve had a feeling this would be a particularly busy term for Sarah.

Looking back to the crowd, Eve added in with a tone of empathy, feeling overwhelmingly guilty for subjecting the children to the likes of Anne and Ebony, “If anyone needs to speak with a member of faculty, don't hesitate to stop by my office.” Without another word, Eve sat back down in her seat, moodily prodding her fork at her salad and pretending it was Ravenscroft's perfectly tweezed eyebrows.

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