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Nurse Mason
Oh how the time flies
Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:43am

Sarah was later than most of the staff, as usual. Now that Jered was on staff, though, he usually saved her a spot instead of her having to take whatever was left. She came in with a folder that contained a number of papers, some blank, some with writing on them. She had at least half a dozen owls to send before it got too late that night. Mostly muggleborn students. Which meant it might take a little more explaining to why their child had received boils all over their skin. The very idea made her feel sick.

She came up to the table, picking up her pace since Eve looked like she was getting ready for her speech.

She sat next to Jered, pulling her chair into the table and giving Jered a quick peck on the cheek. She started to listen.

It all seemed business as usual. As much as it could be. She mentioned Jered's new teaching role and smiled over at him, reaching over and squeezing his hand. Sarah had been excited when Jered told her. He'd practically been her private tutor when she was here. She teasingly blamed him spending too much time in Quidditch to why she still struggled with the subject. He teasingly blamed her lips. Either way, Sarah knew he'd do well at teaching potions.

Of course something else pulled her attention away from Jered and his new position. Cassie. Care of Magical Creatures? What?! Had Eve completely lost it? Sarah's eyes moved quickly between Eve, who was still standing, and Cassandra, who didn't seem surprised at all by this. Didn't they know what this would mean? The kind of danger they were putting Cassandra in? That class was meant as practical learning. They needed an expert, and no matter how competent Cassie was in almost every situation Sarah saw her in, she knew one thing for sure: Cassie was in over her head.

Sarah was hesitant to clap with everyone else when Eve had finished.

"Can you believe that?" she whispered quickly, leaning over into Jered. "I swear Eve is just trying to make my job ten times harder. Cassandra? Care of Magical Creatures? Is she trying to kill her?"

She ordered a bowl of soup. It's the only thing that sounded good anymore. She shook her head and took a couple bites. "You know, it makes me think more and more that I'd rather get tutors and school my kids at home."

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    • Oh how the time flies — Nurse Mason, Sat Feb 26 12:43am
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            • Does that actually mean you'll BE patient?Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 9:27am
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                • I'll take that as a yes.Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 10:20pm
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