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Professor Harding
Not fast enough sometimes
Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:07am

Jered sat in his spot and looked out over the students as he waited for Eve to begin her speech. He had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. His eyes swept the room, locking onto certain people he recognized as members of Pureblood families. There seemed a lot at Pitts this year.

And then his eyes found the one he was most dreading to see. Louis Harding, his brother's oldest boy. The kid was staring at him too. Only for a heart beat but it was enough to unsettle Jered even more. He narrowed his gaze but the kid had already turned away.

Jered smiled when Sarah joined him, accepting the peck with delight. But his eyes returned to the crowd when Eve began talking. He wanted to see who had their eyes on Sarah. Sure, it was Cassandra directly in the firing line but no doubt Sarah would get some attention too. Especially when she set about on her one-woman mission to keep Cassandra save. So Jered would be there to keep Sarah safe.

'It's probably a ploy from the council to show Cassandra can't teach what's needed. They want to show her up and fire her,' Jered replied with a sigh. Either that or Cassandra was trying to make a point herself, but Jered wouldn't share that thought. 'I wouldn't worry so much. No respectable breeder is going to give her a creature that is too dangerous.

He ordered his own food, a stew, and began eating. But the fork stopped halfway to his mouth with Sarah's next comment, a chunk of meat sliding off back to the bowl and splattering his robes. He set the fork down and dabbed at the spot with a napkin.

'Well, itís a good thing that ain't happening,' he said as he made the spot worse.

  • Oh how the time fliesNurse Mason, Sat Feb 26 12:43am
    Sarah was later than most of the staff, as usual. Now that Jered was on staff, though, he usually saved her a spot instead of her having to take whatever was left. She came in with a folder that... more
    • Not fast enough sometimes — Professor Harding, Sat Feb 26 1:07am
      • Be patientNurse Mason, Sat Feb 26 9:14am
        Sarah nodded, trying to allow herself to be convinced while she knew this would mean she'd need to know Cassie's schedule and be keeping a watch in case something happened. She was still rather... more
        • I no UnderstandJered, Sun Feb 27 1:44am
          Jered sighed as Sarah vanished the stain. He could have done that, with his wand. He had to get his act together about using magic more, especially with purest eyes around this school. But then it... more
          • Does that actually mean you'll BE patient?Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 9:27am
            Sarah gave a half-hearted smile and turned back to her food, not wanting to answer his questions. Did he really believe that? Maybe. Probably. He'd been like this any time they talked about it. Sarah ... more
            • Hah!!Jered, Sun Feb 27 12:59pm
              Jered waited a beat for Sarah's reply but when none came he stuffed the fork of food into his mouth. It was probably for the best she didn't answer. They would just get into a fight and then cause a... more
              • I'll take that as a yes.Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 10:20pm
                She was most of the way through her bowl of soup when the thought of lemonade seemed to be the only thing she wanted. Not just any lemonade. A peach lemonade. She ordered one and started sipping at... more
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