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Nurse Mason
Does that actually mean you'll BE patient?
Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:27am

Sarah gave a half-hearted smile and turned back to her food, not wanting to answer his questions. Did he really believe that? Maybe. Probably. He'd been like this any time they talked about it. Sarah had known for a while now that it would come down to whether or not him not wanting children at all was a deal breaker for her. She was still young enough that she didn't worry about it now. If she were being honest to herself, she'd admit that it had more to do with not wanting to give up her relationship with Jered.

She continued to eat, still tempted to go storm at Eve for putting Cassandra into a situation that she was. Now that Jered had distracted her long enough, she realized she couldn't. She hadn't so far this term, with any of the follies she felt could be handled better or should have a different solution. Those of staff that knew the arrests were contrived needed to stick together. Needed to be a united force for whatever the council was planning. No matter how much Sarah wanted to, she wasn't going to say anything.

"Are you excited about potions?" Sarah asked, changing the subject. "Figured out which one of the lessons you wanted to do first?"

  • I no UnderstandJered, Sun Feb 27 1:44am
    Jered sighed as Sarah vanished the stain. He could have done that, with his wand. He had to get his act together about using magic more, especially with purest eyes around this school. But then it... more
    • Does that actually mean you'll BE patient? — Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 9:27am
      • Hah!!Jered, Sun Feb 27 12:59pm
        Jered waited a beat for Sarah's reply but when none came he stuffed the fork of food into his mouth. It was probably for the best she didn't answer. They would just get into a fight and then cause a... more
        • I'll take that as a yes.Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 10:20pm
          She was most of the way through her bowl of soup when the thought of lemonade seemed to be the only thing she wanted. Not just any lemonade. A peach lemonade. She ordered one and started sipping at... more
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