Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:59pm

Jered waited a beat for Sarah's reply but when none came he stuffed the fork of food into his mouth. It was probably for the best she didn't answer. They would just get into a fight and then cause a scene in front of colleagues and students. That wouldn't be good under the current circumstances.

Jered shrugged at her change of topic question. He didn't really have an opinion on it. He was told he had to take on a class and potions seemed like the only thing he could do. He had been brewing them with his Nanny from the age of 5. And he had never officially graduated from Pitts so didn't know the advanced magic in Charms and Transfiguration. He had only learnt the spells he needed in everyday life, and that wasn't much for he lived as a Muggle for a long time. And it had taken him ages to master the spell to change his appearance and keep it in place. He feared if he learnt too much more, it would push out how to do that.

'I was thinking along the lines of teaching them curing potions. If someone is jinxing muggleborns, it might help them out. And it'll be less work for you if they can cure themselves,' Jered replied after a few more mouthfuls. He took a gulp of water before turning to Sarah and looking at her with his serious gaze and leant towards her.

'You need to be careful this term too. If the Muggleborn students are a target, itís only a matter of time before you become one too,' he whispered into her ear. He didn't want anyone overhearing. No one could be trusted now.

  • Does that actually mean you'll BE patient?Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 9:27am
    Sarah gave a half-hearted smile and turned back to her food, not wanting to answer his questions. Did he really believe that? Maybe. Probably. He'd been like this any time they talked about it. Sarah ... more
    • Hah!! — Jered, Sun Feb 27 12:59pm
      • I'll take that as a yes.Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 10:20pm
        She was most of the way through her bowl of soup when the thought of lemonade seemed to be the only thing she wanted. Not just any lemonade. A peach lemonade. She ordered one and started sipping at... more
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