Evelyn Moorlaker
Woah - flashback!
Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:00pm

Evelyn made her way up to the roof, not entirely sure why, but at least expecting to see some familiar faces. She wasn't sure if either or both Willow or Dom would be there, but she fully expected to see Gilly. Gilly was like a party-magnet, or perhaps parties were a Gilly-magnet. Either way, where there was a party, there would also be Gilly. Besides, if it was a robeless event (which it probably was; after last year's Quesne catastrophe, the Robeless members were practically the only people who held parties), Gilly would definitely be there. After all, he was now a full-time member, having ceremoniously burned his school robes last year (and refused to shut up about it for weeks). She wasn't holding her breath to see Willow, though, if it was a Robeless party - Willow hated the Robeless with a passion. She was rather suprised, therefore, to walk into her.

"Willow!" she cried joyfully - it felt like ages since she'd seen her best friend. Then, "Willow!" Willow didn't look happy at all, and wasn't dressed for a party either. She didn't sound too happy. All in all, she probably wasn't very happy.

"Are you ok?" Evelyn asked, frowning, swinging her hair over her shoulder. Stupid question, she thought. "I mean, er, what's the matter?" she tried again. Clearly something was the matter, and Evelyn was concerned; Willow looked sort of stressed and agitated. "Something's wrong. What is it?"

  • Trying to make it out sober and failingWillow Clay, Tue Feb 22 4:02pm
    She knew Kim excepted her to turn down the invitation to the party on the roof, and at first, Willow did. But then it came to her that Dom might be there, and on the last minute she dressed up in... more
    • Woah - flashback! — Evelyn Moorlaker, Sun Feb 27 5:00pm
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