Seasickness doesn't help.
Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:16pm

"The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course. I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go for the Chicago Chimaeras, or the LA Krakens. Oh, shoot, I guess that's all the American ones."

Gilly grinned, knowing that Quidditch was Madison Connor's forte (well, everybody knew that). He was just about to reply with his own favoured Quidditch team (the Castlebar Catapults, he had a thing for Irish Quidditch players), when Madison Connor was off again, listing her international favourites. He couldn't help smiling slightly, and bit his lip to keep from giggling. Really, she had to be the biggest Quidditch geek he'd ever met, and that was from someone who'd been playing since the age of six. In fact, Gilly was almost surprised Madison Connor wasn't already playing internationally (although he supposed juggling school and World Cups would be virtually impossible), and he fully expected her to be the next big international Chaser.

"My favourite's Ireland," he replied when he was sure she'd finished. "Of course, I have to support England when the World Cup's on, but as long as they're not playing each other I'm allowed to cheer for the little green men," he added, grinning, before realising he sounded like the supporter of a Martian Quidditch team or something. Not that that wouldn't be pretty interesting.

Gilly was starting to like Madison Connor - he hadn't had much to do with her previously, but they seemed to have a lot in common (mainly Quidditch), and Gilly felt comfortable in her presence. He was surprised, therefore, at her next words.

Don't let them brainwash you."

"What do you mean?" Gilly said, frowning. "They" were clearly Kim and Derek, but Gilly couldn't see how they would brainwash him in any way. The only thing he could think of that she might mean was the Robeless. But they were a part of his life. For once in his meagre, miserable (in his eyes) life, he was popular. She couldn't seriously think that he was being brainwashed?

"If it's about the Robeless, you can -" He stopped himself just in time. No need to be rude, he told himself. Besides, he needed Madison Connor if rhis plan was going to work. And it definitely was going to work, he would make sure of that. "They're not brainwashing me," he mumbled. "Don't know what you're talking about."

  • On the sea of embarrassmentMadison Connor, Sun Feb 27 11:25am
    Madison Connor lit up at the mention of Quidditch. She positively breathed it. "The Pittsburgh Pixies, of course," she started out, explaining, "I'm from the city. But if they're not playing, I go... more
    • Seasickness doesn't help. — Gilly, Mon Feb 28 1:16pm
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