Kim Baden
Tag Gilly!
Sun Mar 6, 2011 6:15pm

Kim Baden made it down to the Backwoods Court in an old shirt of Arlis's, and a pair of skinny jeans she'd managed to lengthen to reach her heels again. She didn't see Gilly yet, but was looking around for him, ready to jump up and sit somewhere else if she realized he was already sitting down. She wanted to be by him.

Arlis was gone. Kim was now - she realized a little belatedly - heading up the Robeless, lacking an enormous amount of intention to destroy everyone in her path. The summer had thrown her full into survival mode, she wasn't all up to playing Superbitch anytime soon. If anything, she'd noticed her particular role in the Robeless had taken on a cool, controlling element. She could walk down the halls and people generally smiled or left her alone or glared at her, without her doing anything but existing.

She didn't like the look of the redhaired woman at the front of the room. Were there more Rakins this year, or was it just her?

When Winchester's speech finished, Kim bowed her head to her plate and asked for pasta with Alfredo sauce. It was her new thing. She'd gotten it once on accident and loved it. Sometimes she thought the kitchen plates had a little more spunk than most people gave them credit for. They threw extra stuff in once in a while for her, even added different things to the same pasta dish she'd been getting later. This time, what she was sure was chicken appeared with it. Kim looked up as soon as someone caught her attention, half a forkful of pasta in her mouth.

  • Start of Term Feast [Tag: Everyone]Winchester, Fri Feb 25 3:53pm
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    • Tag Gilly! — Kim Baden, Sun Mar 6 6:15pm
    • Back to school!Derek Orton, Sun Feb 27 11:00pm
      The party Kim had before the official start of school gave Derek a positive outlook for the year. Grace was gone, Kim at least was interested enough to kiss him back, and he was done spending every... more
    • Hey there, Delilah *still humming*Delilah Bell, Sat Feb 26 1:05pm
      Delilah, as it turned out, made an exceptionally loud entrance into her first year at Pitts' Institute of the Art of Magic. She wasn't sure if she was the only voice out there, but she was the only... more
      • A muggle wrote that song...March and Granada Hare, Mon Mar 7 10:53am
        The girl next to March was hurting his ears with her screaming. He looked at Granada, who looked right back at him, and they put their hands determinedly over their ears in unison. Their parents had... more
        • Mabye I'll spare himDelilah, Sun Mar 20 10:53am
          OOC: Oh my FREAKING gosh sorry I fell off the face of the earth!!! Life kinda kicked me in the head. Back on my feet! IC: Delilah Bell could not help but notice that two other students beside her had ... more
          • Don't tell your friends thatMarch and Granada, Mon Mar 21 11:10am
            OOC: Don't worry because I've been rather busy with tests and stuff :) IC: March let out his strange "hurhurhur" laugh and nudged Granada, who wasn't paying any attention any more. At first he though ... more
    • Oh how the time fliesNurse Mason, Sat Feb 26 12:43am
      Sarah was later than most of the staff, as usual. Now that Jered was on staff, though, he usually saved her a spot instead of her having to take whatever was left. She came in with a folder that... more
      • Not fast enough sometimesProfessor Harding, Sat Feb 26 1:07am
        Jered sat in his spot and looked out over the students as he waited for Eve to begin her speech. He had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. His eyes swept the room, locking onto certain people he... more
        • Be patientNurse Mason, Sat Feb 26 9:14am
          Sarah nodded, trying to allow herself to be convinced while she knew this would mean she'd need to know Cassie's schedule and be keeping a watch in case something happened. She was still rather... more
          • I no UnderstandJered, Sun Feb 27 1:44am
            Jered sighed as Sarah vanished the stain. He could have done that, with his wand. He had to get his act together about using magic more, especially with purest eyes around this school. But then it... more
            • Does that actually mean you'll BE patient?Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 9:27am
              Sarah gave a half-hearted smile and turned back to her food, not wanting to answer his questions. Did he really believe that? Maybe. Probably. He'd been like this any time they talked about it. Sarah ... more
              • Hah!!Jered, Sun Feb 27 12:59pm
                Jered waited a beat for Sarah's reply but when none came he stuffed the fork of food into his mouth. It was probably for the best she didn't answer. They would just get into a fight and then cause a... more
                • I'll take that as a yes.Nurse Mason, Sun Feb 27 10:20pm
                  She was most of the way through her bowl of soup when the thought of lemonade seemed to be the only thing she wanted. Not just any lemonade. A peach lemonade. She ordered one and started sipping at... more
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