March and Granada Hare
A muggle wrote that song...
Mon Mar 7, 2011 10:53am

The girl next to March was hurting his ears with her screaming. He looked at Granada, who looked right back at him, and they put their hands determinedly over their ears in unison. Their parents had warned them about this sort of thing; pureblood extremity, but they'd be fine apparently. They were pureblood, and as long as they didn't openly say that they didn't care about muggleborns being at the school, they'd be fine.

Granada nudged her brother when the girl started talking to him, and they turned their eerie blue eyes on her, staring in bewilderment; they both had their hands jammed so firmly into their ears that it was impossible to hear her. March yanked his fingers out and smiled madly, unsure of how to reply since he hadn't heard a word she'd said.

Granada knew what was going to come anyway, and turned back to her food.

March raked through his mind to find a cool fact. "Did you know left handed people live on average nine year less than right handed people?" he asked, beaming. "I'll die before her," he said, jerking his thumb in his twins direction. Granada looked up and nodded once; she'd heard that several times already.

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    • A muggle wrote that song... — March and Granada Hare, Mon Mar 7 10:53am
      • Mabye I'll spare himDelilah, Sun Mar 20 10:53am
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        • Don't tell your friends thatMarch and Granada, Mon Mar 21 11:10am
          OOC: Don't worry because I've been rather busy with tests and stuff :) IC: March let out his strange "hurhurhur" laugh and nudged Granada, who wasn't paying any attention any more. At first he though ... more
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