Mabye I'll spare him
Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:53am

OOC: Oh my FREAKING gosh sorry I fell off the face of the earth!!! Life kinda kicked me in the head. Back on my feet!


Delilah Bell could not help but notice that two other students beside her had sensitive hearing. Too bad for them. Delilah had lost half of hers when she was five, and had screamed for the past several years, leading largely to her scratchy voice now. It was much better not to be able to hear that well, she thought. Then you got to be the one making the noise.

She was both pleased and startled to find someone grinning insanely at her. In full spirit of things, Delilah grinned back. Now these were her kind of people.

Her eyes widened. "I'm left-handed!" she answered, her entire body involved in the conversation, fully invested. "Me too! But my mom says I'll die before everyone else because I'm cracked in the head." She laughed like a loon, only partly aware that she was perpetrating the assumption she was mad. "I say at least I'll have fun!"

Hardly without taking a breath, she went on, "Besides, my sister Birdie's ten times as mad as I am, and everyone knows that. Last year for Christmas she told everyone all she wanted was three hundred ping pong balls, then when she got them she starting crying because no one got her magic Christmas tree lights to go with 'em. I'm Delilah Bell," Delilah went on, "You could haunt someone with those eyes. Who are you?"

  • A muggle wrote that song...March and Granada Hare, Mon Mar 7 10:53am
    The girl next to March was hurting his ears with her screaming. He looked at Granada, who looked right back at him, and they put their hands determinedly over their ears in unison. Their parents had... more
    • Mabye I'll spare him — Delilah, Sun Mar 20 10:53am
      • Don't tell your friends thatMarch and Granada, Mon Mar 21 11:10am
        OOC: Don't worry because I've been rather busy with tests and stuff :) IC: March let out his strange "hurhurhur" laugh and nudged Granada, who wasn't paying any attention any more. At first he though ... more
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