March and Granada
Don't tell your friends that
Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:10am

OOC: Don't worry because I've been rather busy with tests and stuff :)

IC: March let out his strange "hurhurhur" laugh and nudged Granada, who wasn't paying any attention any more. At first he though this girl would be just obnoxious, but for some reason she seemed to have the same sense of humour as most of his family, made him feel more at home.

"What did she want with three hundred ping pong balls?" Granada asked uncertainly, winding a strand of short black hair around her finger nervously. She looked down when the loud girl commented on March's eyes, seeing as they had the same eyes exactly; she wasn't keen on them herself, and in made her self-conscious whenever anyone did say anything about them.

"March Hare," March murmured. He used to wonder why people laughed at that, but after his parents told him they were inspired to name him March after reading Alice in Wonderland, he thought it was sort of... cool.
"Granada," Granada muttered after a minute. "Granada Hare."

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    • Don't tell your friends that — March and Granada, Mon Mar 21 11:10am
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