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Re: Looking for a pet chipmunk
Tue Dec 11, 2012 20:15

thanks for getting back to me,please if you could please contact me on or give me your phone number,i will provide more information and pictures about the baby

  • Looking for a pet chipmunkHeather, Sun Nov 18 20:06
    Hello all breeders! I've been looking for a place to adopt a pet chipmunk for years and haven't had a bit of luck! I am desperate for some help, please contact me if you have one available. Thank... more
    • Need baby chipmunk Darya, Mon Mar 23 01:04
      Im looking for baby chipmunk. In San Diego. CA
    • Re: Looking for a pet chipmunk — Anonymous, Tue Dec 11 20:15
      • SCAMdg, Wed Dec 12 10:38
    • baby Chipmunks for saleAnonymous, Mon Nov 19 01:30
      get back to me for more information at for more information and pictures of my baby Chipmunks
      • ChipCleber, Mon Mar 2 15:12
        I'm looking for a chipmunks.... Please let me know if still having them...
      • BuyingGabby, Wed May 7 15:28
        Can I purchase one of your chipmunks ? Email me back or text me @ 2038684682
        • @gabbyRobert, Thu May 8 05:46
          Gabby, you don't want to buy from "Anonymous" it's a scammer I tracked ip address to Thailand, Krung Thep, Bangkok looks like a scammer to me
      • scamRobert, Mon Apr 1 07:04
        tracked ip addy to Thailand, Krung Thep, Bangkok looks like a scammer to me use this tool to track ip address, when it comes up replace your ip address with the one you... more
        • re robertdeb, Thu Apr 11 22:06
          i know about getting the full header on the email & IP address but i don't think i can do a anything about it. they got me for #200...i was so gullible ...wanted it so bad. if i knew someone would... more
          • re DebRobert, Fri Apr 12 06:33
            Hi Deb, there's nothing you can do to recover your money, the only thing we can do is warn others and try and stop this person from scaming others, if I lived in Cameroon, Africa where A $100 USD is... more
      • SCAMMERdg, Wed Dec 12 15:35
        this person is a scam...story about dead daughter....under different names
      • chipmonkscynthia day, Sun Nov 25 20:49
        looking to buy a chipmunk for my daughter anyone know where to get one please contact me 9723746606 thanks
      • MichiganArch, Tue Nov 20 00:05
        If anyone is selling chipmunks in Michigan, please email me
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