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Wed Jan 30, 2013 21:00

has anyone here actually got any chipmunks from here in the past? there are so many old post it's hard for me to get them straight. and mostly i have seen where others were scammed by the people using MANY DIFFERENT NAMES...and all with same sad story about dead daughter....going back a couple of years. i wish i was able to find out where they are. if you look at full header on email it tracks IP or server address( i believe it is called) but i do not know where to go from there. i am sure internet fraud is a crime and they are guilty. they got me. i believe the shipper is same as person claiming to have them. oh and then they are now needing insurance after they are supposedly already on a plane.i saved my emails from the shipper & person claiming to have them. so if anybody knows what to do i have that info.

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