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Sat Apr 6, 2013 17:18

i found a place that sells exotic pets...even keel exotics....on facebook

  • Re: chipsscamers, Sat Apr 6 16:52
    There has been scammers on this forum for years now.. Legit people are easy to point out, just ignore scammers unless you were robbed, there everywhere its part of modern day internet exp buying... more
    • scams ve legitdg, Sat Apr 6 17:20
      how would you determine who is legit?
    • chip — deb, Sat Apr 6 17:18
      • Re: chipImported Chipmunks, Sun Apr 7 23:56
        Even Keel is not a scammer he is a broker of small exotics. They do try to get batches of Siberians in every spring as well as s & s exotics in Texas and Janda Exotics (All from the same Large Scale... more
        • Re: chipdeb, Mon Apr 8 11:20
          where are you getting some from? i checked out the Janda site and they do not have chips listed but i sent a message anyway. i was excited that even keel was going on a road trip & would bring the... more
          • Re: chipchipmunks, Fri Apr 12 02:42
            I mean i was waiting on babies from my pair. Both dilutes the litter will be solid white. Im non-usda licensed at the moment and therefore can't sell them. I have some unrelated babies now and my... more
            • Re: chipdeb, Sat Apr 13 10:22
              you asked for my email...thought you might message me ...what is your email,,,since you are in AL have question about "adoption" not selling...
            • re robertdeb, Fri Apr 12 11:13
              i am in NE GA....i will have to searech more exotic sites ...the ones i have found don't have any ...i have been looking. thanks
              • Re: re robertAnonymous, Mon Apr 15 13:48
                why u no open ya own site di advice people.stupid crack head fool
                • Re: re roberteglish, Wed Apr 17 03:52
                  say that again one more time in English please lol
                  • Re: re robertAnonymous, Thu Apr 18 08:24
                    u re too dull
                  • ha ha deb, Wed Apr 17 12:02
                    lol lol lol
                • scammerRobert, Tue Apr 16 09:32
                  I don't need my own site to advise people that your a scammer. no matter what user name you from now own people will know your a scammer by your IP address this is the most fun I've had ... more
                  • Re: scammerAnonymous, Thu Apr 18 08:23
                    hahahaha stupid mother
                    • scammerRobert, Fri Apr 19 19:49
                      I like you, your funny
              • re robert :oops!deb, Sat Apr 13 10:24
                see i forgot to put email
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