re robert
Thu Apr 11, 2013 22:06

i know about getting the full header on the email & IP address but i don't think i can do a anything about it. they got me for #200...i was so gullible ...wanted it so bad. if i knew someone would prosecute them i would help. i am sure i was not the first . and they are still at it....i got a message from them yesterday!!! they do not use name on post always but get yo to email them and the name on the email addressed they posted is one of many they use. i went thru old messages last winter and read different ones and found a lot of post over the past few years. and the money order went to thailand...sounded more like india speech.
all i can do is warn others here. i know when i see the n names who they are. they must not have read my posts about them !

did you not get a message from "Anonymous" in response to your post wanting some? they replied to my post "question' where i was asking a about who a poster) their shipper was. anyway i recognized the name..this time "kattyperry"
who do you use for shipping? o aaam trying to find out options. i am in GA and would drive a reasonable distance but have yet to find them near by.

  • scamRobert, Mon Apr 1 07:04
    tracked ip addy to Thailand, Krung Thep, Bangkok looks like a scammer to me use this tool to track ip address, when it comes up replace your ip address with the one you... more
    • re robert — deb, Thu Apr 11 22:06
      • re DebRobert, Fri Apr 12 06:33
        Hi Deb, there's nothing you can do to recover your money, the only thing we can do is warn others and try and stop this person from scaming others, if I lived in Cameroon, Africa where A $100 USD is... more
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