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re Deb
Fri Apr 12, 2013 06:33

Hi Deb,
there's nothing you can do to recover your money, the only thing we can do is warn others and try and stop this person from scaming others, if I lived in Cameroon, Africa where A $100 USD is worth 50,505.05 in their money according to money exchanger, I'd scam to.
never send money out of the US, anytime someone post chipmunks for sale track there ip address.
I almost fell for this scam here, just didn't pass my smell test

  • re robertdeb, Thu Apr 11 22:06
    i know about getting the full header on the email & IP address but i don't think i can do a anything about it. they got me for #200...i was so gullible ...wanted it so bad. if i knew someone would... more
    • re Deb — Robert, Fri Apr 12 06:33
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