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re robert :oops!
Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:24

see i forgot to put email

  • re robertdeb, Fri Apr 12 11:13
    i am in NE GA....i will have to searech more exotic sites ...the ones i have found don't have any ...i have been looking. thanks
    • Re: re robertAnonymous, Mon Apr 15 13:48
      why u no open ya own site di advice people.stupid crack head fool
      • Re: re roberteglish, Wed Apr 17 03:52
        say that again one more time in English please lol
        • Re: re robertAnonymous, Thu Apr 18 08:24
          u re too dull
        • ha ha deb, Wed Apr 17 12:02
          lol lol lol
      • scammerRobert, Tue Apr 16 09:32
        I don't need my own site to advise people that your a scammer. no matter what user name you from now own people will know your a scammer by your IP address this is the most fun I've had ... more
        • Re: scammerAnonymous, Thu Apr 18 08:23
          hahahaha stupid mother
          • scammerRobert, Fri Apr 19 19:49
            I like you, your funny
    • re robert :oops! — deb, Sat Apr 13 10:24
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