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Wed Jan 7, 2009 5:01am

Just came by ta say howedy howedy!!I just left a zinger on the kid.s fron porch,,Winged I did!!Nevvvvah got back ta yahhh about christmas and the new year!!!God bless you and yours,,,That wooden spoon should be just commin out the other side by now,,,,NO?,,,We had a good fall,Three sturgeon,,only baged two the biggest broke the pole and went by by,,,the second biggest,breached along sice the boat at least 7foot,,,,and said seeeyahhh in hawwiiiahhhhh,and goood byyahhhh!!We kept one and last week we got the last of the boat on our card!!What is with all this gray stuff???Geeezzzee's john,,,this is like bein back in the darkkkk ageeeaa's,,,,Big John catchyahhh later big guy,,,Captain Kado,,,Ahoy all there!!

    • You been outa New York too long ,GREY ~ ~ ~ Grub, Wed Jan 7 9:23am
      is what it looks like back here from Nov too April up here on the glacier...all the sunshine is out there in that area. What ever happened to that big octopus that was crawling all over that big... more
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