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Joyce Aros
a good man.....
Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:27am

He certainly lives in my heart! Every morning is a little wave of lonliness as I open my e-mail and Grub is not there. He always started my day with one of his crazy cartoons, a piece of self made poetry that was almost pure genius, and a great piece of historical information he had ferreted out somewhere.
It's going to take a long time for me to adjust my life without him. I can only imagine how much his family misses him and feels the emptiness in the house. My heart goes out, also,to his constant buddy, Mackey, who must be somewhat bewildered by it all.
Just some early morning thoughts....

  • A good man still lives ~ ~ ~ Butch Badon, Sat Jan 24 7:59pm
    in all our hearts. Butch
    • a good man..... ~ ~ ~ Joyce Aros, Sun Jan 25 8:27am
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