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"Ahoy"!!Big John,,,Capncallen..
Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:23am

Was gon for a while had some micro surgery,Thought the possee cought up ta me!!Hope yahhh had a goood holiday.Dam John I lost my best deck hand,"Over"!!15 years he rode with me.We spent more time tagether than some married couples!!!!NO?!!I saw Allen Barrah,on the history channel,When I was in the hospital,Don,t remember what the show was all about..I was pretty screwed up for a time there.I'm lookin for a new first mate,and getten back ta the spring run her.Sturgeon will be here soon...Happytrails all there,OH"!! I have a new computer here.Catchyahhlater,,,capnnnnn,,,out.

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