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To whom it may councern,Help!!
Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:29am

I was gon into the hospital for some time and the Gruuub and I go back a long way.By reading the threads semme,s I am missing something that happened ta the gruuuubb??Thank's gazzzzzaa,s,,,capn out!

    • Curly Bill/ Grubber ~ ~ ~ Joyce Aros, Tue Jan 27 8:29pm
      I'm sorry to say that John died from a heart attack on January 11, 2009. We have, many of us, lost a dear and valued friend. I am sure you will miss your old friend as I do. Sincerely, Joyce Aros
      • Joyce Aros,Thank you!! ~ ~ ~ Curlybill/Capnkado, Tue Jan 27 10:15pm
        John and I went back a long way.He supported the Gallery of Gunfighters,A group I worked for some 16yrs.As Curlybill,I was gone for a while,and had micro surgery.I run a sports fishing boat,and I... more
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