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To Grubs Family!!!!!!!
Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:39am

I am truly sorry for Big Johns family I was gone my self for a while.And just came by ta say hello.God bless you all he was a great guy!!!We had our differences but I did truly love his wit and great history..I'll allways remember yahh JOHN!! From the Fishing Vessel Carilyn"M" and from it's crew here,,,God Bless yahhhh Brother!!!Captain Kado,,Gonna miss yahhh..

  • The passing of a legend! ~ ~ ~ Grubber's daughter, Mon Jan 12 2:55pm
    I'm sad to say that Grubber passed away at home on Sunday morning. I will try to keep the board open as long as possible, but anyone who needs to contact me may do so at
    • To Grubs Family!!!!!!! ~ ~ ~ Curlybill/Capnkado, Tue Jan 27 12:39am
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