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Joyce Aros,Thank you!!
Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:15pm

John and I went back a long way.He supported the Gallery of Gunfighters,A group I worked for some 16yrs.As Curlybill,I was gone for a while,and had micro surgery.I run a sports fishing boat,and I would pass on some smoked salmon from time ta time.He allways had the answer if I had a question about western history or about firearms.I came back ta see who was left too say gooood byyyyy!!I was looking for K.T.K.and wounderin what a goodby he mite leave?John Kenny and myself go back too the old clanton gang shootout's on friday and saturday nites.I am not cryen in my beer but this has not bin a good year,As far as the fishing goes it has bin good!!But I just lost my first mate and deck hand after his service with me after some 16yrs.I know how John's family is feeling wright now!Dammmm I'm gonna miss him he was allways someone that could give me the answer and we could allways make a good one liner about it.Joyce thank you for the come back!!God bless yahhh alll there,and god bless the Culligan family!!Captain Kado/Curlybill,,Gallery of Gunfighters/From the Fishing Vessel Carilyn"M",,,on the california,Happytrails,Alllll!

  • Curly Bill/ Grubber ~ ~ ~ Joyce Aros, Tue Jan 27 8:29pm
    I'm sorry to say that John died from a heart attack on January 11, 2009. We have, many of us, lost a dear and valued friend. I am sure you will miss your old friend as I do. Sincerely, Joyce Aros
    • Joyce Aros,Thank you!! ~ ~ ~ Curlybill/Capnkado, Tue Jan 27 10:15pm
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