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Learn from my Stupid Mistakes
Wed May 4, 2016 9:10pm

Learn from my Stupid Mistakes
I was in Big Lots in San Diego, Clairemont. Zolla got away from me for less than 2 minutes. She came out of their staff room, coughing. I sat down on a display couch, put her over my knee(60 lbs) & patted her back.. A little phlem came up. I grabbed some paper towels from the bathroom, cleaned it up & continued shopping. Zolla had stopped coughing but still wasnít right. Her head was down. She had low energy with an occasional cough. It was obvious to me & those who know her, (all the store clerks know my dogs) I went across the parking lot to the 99Cent store & bought a loaf of bread. She chewed a little & spit it out, then wouldnít eat it, so I bought a loaf of garlic bread.which is already buttered & very enticing. She was a little interested but didnít take it. Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place. I held her mouth open & looked down her throat. I couldnít believe what I saw. Zola had a small sparerib type bone, stuck transverse across her throat. I hooked it with my finger & easily flipped it out. Zola was none the worse for ware. Within 20 minutes, she was back to her old high energy self. Her head was held high and she was prancing around like a gaited horse, . Everyone was smiling at her. Thank goodness she didnít swallow the bread.! My mind envisioned a night in the doggy ER with expensive surgery or worse, a dead dog
& on & on. Isnít it amazing what the mind can create? Life lesson: Listen to your dog. Dogs know best. Where did I learn about bread for choking? Iím surprised that my kids managed to grow up alive, with such a dummy mummy! Puppy Love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

    • I am glad that she is OK. Scary!Kelly, Mac and Roni, Wed May 4 11:46pm
      Hi Joy, I have been thinking about you. I always think about you on April 9th, Mac's birthday. I cannot believe that he is 13 years old. He is doing well. About 18 months ago he tore his ACL. We... more
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