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Inventing Joy
To Breed or Not to Breed
Sun May 8, 2016 12:38am

Hi Everyone, Moving on to the future. I am considering breeding my best Female, Mirage. Mirage is the mirage I saw on the horizon, 15 years ago when I founded the breed: Giant Schnoodles of Joy. She has the perfect confirmation, perfect coat, perfect head, laid back personality. In short she is everything I was breeding for. She is also 7 years old. If I want another Giant Schnoodle with my extensive genetic research, its now or never time. And she's in heat so its also now. However, I want every puppy to have a home, before I breed. Those who have my puppies from me in the past will get first dibs if you contact me & make a deposit immediately. Pls let me know, immediately if you are interested. I have to make a decision next week. I did 2 years of genetic research before I did my first breeding 15 years ago.I have about 1,000 puppies in the world with no health problems. And no genetic defects. This is a guarantee I give in my contract. Puppies are given early stimulation to increase their intelligence & promote human imprinting on the puppies. They are also potty trained by the time they are 6 weeks old. A free training seminar is available to all puppy parents when & if they choose to come to pick up their puppies. This prepares puppy parents to continue the training that I start from the moment of birth. Puppies are socialized & handled every day from moment of birth. Puppies, I call them Twinkles, are raised in my living room with close, loving, human contact. I only have one litter so they have all my attention & all my training time. They are never kept in a kennel or a barn, imprinting on dogs instead of humans. If you like the the work & preparation I did for the puppy you adopted from me in the past, or if you want an opportunity to adopt a Giant Schnoodle of Joy from the originator of the breed, this may be my last litter & your last chance. Pls let me know, ASAP. email me at . Pls include your phone#, earliest & latest I can call & your location so I can contact you for further information & any questions you may have. I suggest you make a list of your questions so I can answer everything. Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

    • I made a decisionInventingJoy, Sat May 28 10:55pm
      I decided not to breed this time. But because I want a puppy, I plan to breed 6 months from now. So if you want a puppy, pls contact me.Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk
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