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I did it!
Sat May 28, 2016 10:52pm

Hi everyone, Xena had her surgery & it all went well. She's doing fine. I'm having a hard time recovering. The tumors were tested & she doesn't have cancer. Yay! She has pulled stitches & I had to have some restitching done. But she is fine. My biggest fear about general anasthesia didn't happen.She didn't die. I had it done in San Diego by my vet of 20+ years. It would have been cheaper in Mexico, but I decided to have it done by the vet that I trusted. When I'm in San Diego, I stay in my mini motor home with my 3 dogs. It is almost impossible to wear that E collar in there so I keep her with me at all times. In that she is going deaf, I have to yell so she hears me. We were in Food For Less & she went for her stitches. I yelled "Don't touch!" A woman dropped her tomatoes while she jumped & apologized. I said "no. Not you. I mean the dog". Poor lady, didn't get over it right away. She must have thought it was a reincarnation of her mother LOL. Puppy Love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

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