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Mac was born on April 9th. (nm)
Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:30am

  • Original Schnoodle litter.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Wed Aug 10 11:57am
    I am so sorry for your loss. Was she a litter mate of Xena? If so she was a litter mate of my Mac(Macdougal). He has been dealing with a torn ACL and is now gimpy, but otherwise healthy. I hope that... more
    • Mac is still gimpyKelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Aug 18 12:42am
      He has better days and then not as good days. The vet says that he is not in pain. I wish that I knew this for sure. He is still my baby. He loves to ride in the car, but has trouble getting in and... more
      • hup hup carInventingJoy, Thu Aug 18 3:59pm
        Is it a hind leg? If so, you might use a towel under tummy to help lift him up. Also yummy treats just out of reach on the ramp might encourage him to use it. Let us know. Puppy love inventing Joy &... more
        • I will have to try the towel.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Aug 18 4:11pm
          Iyes it is a back leg. I don't know why I haven't tried the towel. That would probably be easier than the ramp getting in, getting out I am not sure. I will have to work on it.
    • Mac was born on April 9th. (nm) — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Aug 11 4:30am
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