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I am so excited about Xena
Mon Sep 5, 2016 10:21pm

I'd love some pics of Mac. I tried a different photo set up but it didn't work. I've conatcted the people who run this site but probably won't get response til after the holiday. So for now, I guess you have to upload to photobucket & load from the instructions at bottom of this page.
Xena is running around & acting like a crazy puppy. She's barking at the neighbors. I can't correct her bcs all I can do is laugh. She skips around the patio. I'll have to record it. Have you ever seen a dog skip? Its so weird. She does a play bow, then leaps in the air, a couple of steps then raises one paw , leaps on 3 paws, play bow, you just can't believe a 14 yr old dog would behave that way! She instigates play fights wi Zola , my youngest dog. I'm always scared that she will get hurt but she does it anyway. She's in her second childhood!

  • That is great..Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sun Sep 4 11:27pm
    I will have to take some recent photos of Mac. He and Xena look so much alike. His hair is shorter right now.
    • Question re caringpr, Mon Sep 5 10:25pm
      Did you try the towel? Did it work?
    • I am so excited about Xena — caringpr, Mon Sep 5 10:21pm
      • The towel helps get him in. He manages to get out.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Mon Sep 5 11:33pm
        That sounds like the dinner dance that Mac used to do before he hurt his leg. He made up a silly dance. He would be hopping and bowing and tossing his head back. Quite the clown. I miss his dancing.... more
        • posting caringpr, Tue Sep 6 12:14am
          I'm glad the towel worked. Wish we could find a way to get him dancing again & get it on video.Would be so fun to have a record of it. Give my grandpup a big hug for me. I got an app on my cell that... more
          • It is hell getting older!Kelly, Mac and Roni, Tue Sep 6 1:09am
            I wish that I had recorded his dance before he injured his leg. He would have been a natural for agility or dancing if I had not spent so many hours at work. I wish that I could get that time back... more
            • Getting olderGreeniesgs, Wed Sep 7 12:58am
              It is much worse to contemplate not getting older. Take it from one who knows. Although I would like to have some of the mirrors that my friends have. They think they always look great!
            • so caringpr, Tue Sep 6 1:27pm
              You have reminded me. I'll set up the video today. Puppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk
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