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Does mac have cataracts? &or........
Fri Sep 9, 2016 7:03pm

Mac is a littermate of Xena isn't he? I know he's my grandpup. I shouldn't have to ask. But it's hard to keep track. If it isn't for you Kelly, I wouldn't remember any birthdays LOL. Have you seen any sign of cataracts? How about tumors? How about the other Giant Schnoodles on this site? I'm trying to think of who else is in that litter. I don't know if my records made the move with me.

I thought I was going to lose Xena. The 3 dogs spent a whole day at the groomer. I stayed with them the whole time. They were all overtired, but I thought I was going to lose Xena. She slept 36 hours. No eating, peeing, pooping etc. Then the next few days she peed in the house. That had never happened in all these years. I just held her for that 36hrs. Kept telling her how much I love her. She came back but it wasn't great. She still slept a lot. I kept checking all night to see if she was breathing. I crated her at night & that seemed to stop the house peeing. But it was scary. Then I had all the lumps & bumps surgically removed. All benign thnk goodness. But they must have caused discomfort bcs A couple of weeks after surgery, she developed great energy like a second childhood. But not like now. She didn't bark or skip. She tired easily. Since she can see, its like a 3rd childhood. jumping & skipping & barking at the neighbors. I think I got more than I bargained for on that one. But she is dancing with me again. She doesn't want to stop. Has more energy than me. That's setting the bar low LOL . But when you consider that in human yrs she's 98, maybe not. She's acting like a crazy puppy. She Play attacks the other dogs to play. I keep having to intervene. I'm so afraid she'll get hurt. She's not holding her punch & neither are they. Scares me half to death but I am grateful Better than holding her all night wondering if I would lose her. 14 is very old for a large dog. I love them all, but there will never be another Xena. Its hard to imagine surviving life without her. I thought abt cloning but saw that show where a guy cloned is housetrained bison who was his pal. His expectation was the same bison. He almost got killed by the cloned bison who he expected to be the same pal. That lesson wasn't lost on me. I'm considering breeding Mirage before its too late. Did you all know that Xena produces milk for other's puppies? She nursed a kitten. I would let her raise a few puppies if she produces milk again. She's the earth mother of all time. Previous puppy parents get first dibs on the puppies. Anyone interested? I have to have a home for every puppy before I'll breed. Share your thoughts. PUppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

    • Yes Mac is Xena's litter mate.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Sep 10 2:23am
      He Has some cloudiness but the vet said that he does not have cataracts. He sees very well. He still barks at people when they are walking in the forest preserve across the road. He thinks that they... more
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