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Yes Mac is Xena's litter mate.
Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:23am

He Has some cloudiness but the vet said that he does not have cataracts. He sees very well. He still barks at people when they are walking in the forest preserve across the road. He thinks that they are in his front yard. He has some of the small skin tag type of growths but no tumors. Except for his ACL he has been a very healthy dog. He has a huge vocabulary. You cannot even spell certain words around him because he knows what you are spelling.

  • Does mac have cataracts? & caringpr, Fri Sep 9 7:03pm
    Mac is a littermate of Xena isn't he? I know he's my grandpup. I shouldn't have to ask. But it's hard to keep track. If it isn't for you Kelly, I wouldn't remember any birthdays LOL. Have you seen... more
    • Yes Mac is Xena's litter mate. — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Sep 10 2:23am
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