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Finding Lost Dog by Laying Track
Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:48pm

Finding lost dogs – Laying Track
By Joy de la Ren ©August 1 2016
Back Story
Yesterday, Karma, my standard poodle bolted out the door of my office chasing a possum. She did not come when called. It was dark and I drove around for an hour calling and looking for her. I vascillated between being furious at her and being scared to death something happened to her. After I got over thinking I’d kill her if she wasn’t already dead, reason kicked in. I took a piece of chicken and tied it to a piece of string. It was curry chicken from the Asian market steam table. Tastes and smell great. I laid track by dragging the chicken all over the parking lot, the roads and sidewalks all around my office. Then I hung the chicken on the door and took the other dogs for a walk. In less than 5 minutes Karma arrived all muddy but saying – There s problem ? What problem ? – I don’t know how she got muddy. We’re in a drought. No rain for a month. Go figure. But at least she came back.

How to Get a Lost Dog Home
So my suggestions is if you lose your dog don’t get hysterical. Lay track to get your dog home. Since that time I’ve had 2 rescues bolt. I think the best way to get the dog back is as follows: Raw meat or chicken, the bloodier the better dragged in concentric circles from where the dog was last seen to where you want the dog to end up and dropping little pieces every so often. Then hang a piece of meet on the door where you want the dog to be. Cooked meat that has a sauce or gravy is good too because the smell of the meat is in the gravy and makes a nice track. Hope this helps. Pls keep us posted. Puppy love from Inventing Joy & furry folk

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