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I am devastated!
Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:09pm

Stolen Dog
Have You Seen This Dog? Reward for Information Leading to Her Live Return

Xena: Giant schnoodle

Female: Black
Striped collar with large ID tag
Chip# 4427741801
License# 788279

Last in care of Joyce Moore & her daughter, Kathy, (when owner had car accident) Xena may have been dropped at a vet, claiming they owned her & may have requested euthanasia. Xena has Cushings syndrome & requires medication

If you have any information about Xena,
Please Contact Joy 858 576 2273

April 18 at 4:47pm ∑
The most horrible thing has happened. I am devastated! I am in San Diego. While here, I had an exacerbation of my chronic pain which kept me from driving home. Then I had a fender bender & ended up in hospital. The woman who agreed to keep Xena for me, told me that she took Xena to a vet & had her euthanized. She wonít tell me the name of the vet or the date, but I am narrowing it down to possibly Apr 8. The woman, Joyce Moore in Linda Vista & I have been friends for a couple of years. We met at dog park. Her daughter Kathy, a special ed teacher lives in La Mesa. I donít know Kathyís last name. It sounds maybe like a Greek name on her voicemail, so I will send you the recording of her voicemail if you think you may be able to recognize it. I think Kathy is instrumental in making this happen. I have Joyceís address in Linda Vista. If you are in that area, pls email me & Iíll send you the address. I have a nearby address of a possible neighbor in la Mesa but I donít really know the last name or address of Kathyís house in La Mesa.
All of my calls are automatically recorded. She claims the vet called me several times but I have no such call. Also, she has my ph#. She had plenty of options other than murdering my Xena who has never hurt a soul in her life! It doesnít make sense. There were many other options. Why would someone do that while Iím in hospital? Kill my precious Xena! It doesnít make sense bcs Xena is microchipped. Any qualified vet would scan & know that these people are lying & donít have the authority to give instruction to euthanize & a vet would have called me. All my info is current on the chip as well as the recent rabies & license along with the name of my San Diego vet. I called him & shelters & humane society. My vet & all shelters have heard nothing. It doesnít make sense.
I am in a post acute care facility to be released Wednesday.
For all above reasons, I donít think Xena is dead. I donít know if they sold her, donated her for experimentation or let her out on the street? I donít know the motive for not telling me the name of the vet they ostensibly authorized to euthanized her or why they would do this. I had been friends with Joyce for a couple of years, as well as her daughter Kathy for whom Iíve always had
great respect. Joyce recently lost her dog Casey & was lonely & enjoyed taking Xena to the dog park & cuddling her at night. She kept asking me to leave her with her a few more days. I have that recorded in the phone calls.
Iím open to suggestions or any help you can do or suggest. I am beside myself with grief, anger, fear. Iíve begged, pleaded, now Iím threatening a law suit. I donít know what else to do. Atty suggested filing small claims & I will, but its not money I want. I want my Xena. So if I have to Iíll sue, but what I really want is a way to find her alive. There is a huge hole in my heart & I canít stop crying.
Here is Xena doing Mexican Hat Dance. It was recorded Just in December, 5 mnths ago.
This is Xena when after 2 yrs blind, was able to see. I was in the process of developing an eye treatment to treat cataracts by drops instead of of surgery. Had been consulting wi Shiley Eye Clinic. The kidnappers knew this.
Pls forward this message anywhere you think would be helpful.
Thx for reading & thx in advance for any ideas or help you can suggest. Email me Puppy love Joy & Furry Folk

Xena & Inventing Joy doing Mexican Hat Dance
Xena the Warrior Princess will be 15 years old in April 2017. She is partially deaf & was blind for 2 years b4 I developed a cataract treatment. . Xena is a ...

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