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Update: Devils of Death
Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:12pm

UPDATE: Xena is dead! I am devastated! In my search, I have uncovered Angels or s/b devils of DEATH! Here's the scoop. There are a couple of vets in San Diego, hiring other vets (qualified?) who do in home euthanasia, approx $300 tp $400 a pop. This is a good service however, since they do not scan for microchips, they can kill any dog that anyone calls them in to kill & not lose their 3-400 since they've been called out on a visit, they don't want to lose money on the call.You may want to check your area. I found them on Yelp. This should be regulated as an unhappy neighbor could kill your dog. I cannot for the life of me understand why Joyce & Kathy would do this. I have known these people a couple of years. Xena was diagnosed wi Cushings shortly after I took her to my vet in San Diego in Jan . This means drink, pee, drink pee. Staying in my motor home was a challenge. Taking 3 dogs to hospital, one with special needs was impossible. I managed to take 2 to hospital with me Joyce had recently lost her dog . She was lonely. She wanted. Xena. she took her to the dog park & cuddled her at night.Joyce had a home wi doggy door & fenced yard so Xena could go in & out as needed. I thought I knew her & I trusted her as I had stayed many times at Joyce's house with all my 3 dogs & her Casey, Standard poodle, before she died. . It seemed to be good for all of us. Most people who know me, know that I'm not the depressed type. However, if I'm not depressed, I'm sure on the edge of depression. I wake up wi a hole in my heart & a vacuum that surrounds me. I can't seem to function on the many things I need to do. Anything I try to do seems overwhelming & I give up. No business, no money. I know I have to move on & get to work but I'm not doing it very well right now. Also, the final contribution Xena was about to make, ie being the subject for my development of an eye drop instead of surgery to remove cataracts, is now off. They knew about that too. Joyce even made a contribution to the camera I was purchasing for the project. See you tube: Xena can you see? test. Nothing makes any sense. Thank you, my friends for your support. I really need it right now & it really does help me. Inventing Joy & those left of my Furry Folk, Mirage & Zola.

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