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Re: Age for hip xrays
Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:08am

Hi Barb, You should get the parents, grandparents siblings of all xray'd. There is no guaranteed but that is the best way to prevent your puppy from having hip dispasia. A good breeder will have all this information as well as testing for other genetic defects in the breed. this should be posted at or I"m trying to remember. I did this & beyond this before I did my first breeding. Not only did I check offa, but I made phone calls to every breeder in the pedigree who I was able to reach. I checked for all genetic defects & removed hip displaysia, cancer, eye defects, & more from the pedigree lines before the first breeding. I am not saying the extensive testing I did guarantees no hd, but I would recommend you get a second opinion as I do know that hd has been diagnosed in dogs I know of, when the source of the problem was not hd. Obviously, A definitive diagnosis would change the course of the treatment you choose. Shelby is about 12 or 13 years, right? That is over 80 years in human, right? My math is not so good. At that age, arthritis, bone growths & other diseases of aging is, unfortunately usual in dogs, humans & me. I certainly am experiencing this. I wish my parents had been tested. But then I may not exist lOl. HD would have shown up before age 3 yrs. At this age, I would be suspecting diseases of aging rather than hd. At this point , you may want to get her on maintainance doses of pain meds so that she enjoys a pain free, enjoyable quality of life rather than treatment or surgery for a genetic disease which doesn't fit the profile for that diagnosis. I hope this helps & that you can arrange a pain free life for Shelby. Diseases of aging is tough. I don't know whether its worse to suffer our own pain of aging , or watch the dogs we love suffer. Puppies are exciting. Training is a challenge. The love we get from our dogs is amazing. Then come the pain of aging. Pls keep us posted. I'm here to support you on this journey which we are all facing. Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk, Twinkles

  • Age for hip xraysBarb, Sun Dec 30 10:45pm
    Hi there. Our dog, Shelby, was from the May 25,2006 litter and still going strong, despite her rather advanced years. Strangely, despit seeing the trouble she had getting into our car or truck, it... more
    • Re: Age for hip xrays — InventingJoy, Mon Dec 31 2:08am
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