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Where Oh Where Has Bobbie gone?
Mon Mar 12, 2007 18:07 (XFF:

Hello...I miss my Bobbie Brooks knit slacks... they were a good value and they fit well for someone who is petite and a little on the fluffy side because of medication. I also miss my Faded Glory elastic waist jeans that Wal-Mart carried. Would it do any good to write to anyone" Well I feel a little better for having vented my frustrations for not having anything to wear!!!!! Elizabeth

    • All you can do is vent...usahihi, Fri Apr 27 12:17
      At this point, I think all you can do is vent. We have tried everything else on this board. To see what we have done, you might want to take a look at the archieves.
    • Bobbie Brooks ClothingEdie, Thu Apr 26 15:09
      Can anyone tell me where I can buy Bobbie Brooks jeans and shorts, etc. in California?
      • bobbie brooks clothingAnonymous, Fri May 18 13:51
        i want to know where yo buy here in el paso tx i cannot believe i cannot find the shorts fit better than any brand
    • Bring Back BBLaurie, Mon Mar 19 13:20
      What am I going to wear to work now??!!! Auughhh!!
    • Go to the archives for your answerusahihi, Tue Mar 13 10:48
      This blog has been around for so long that all you have to do is to go to the archives for the answers as all aspects of this issue have been analyzed and debated. You will find that Bobbie Brooks is ... more
      • Bobbie BrooksElizabeth, Thu Apr 26 22:18
        I did find some Bobbie Brooks....It is at "Dollar General" stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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