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White Stag...Bobbie Brooks
Sat Mar 31, 2007 21:44 (XFF:

Hello...I am in agreement...just when I find something that fits well at a reasonable price at WallMart it is no longer there...My favorites...Bobbie Brooks knit pants....Faded Glory and White Stag pull on jeans and Hanes Ladies all the basic colors...I know that Dollar General now carries some Bobbie Brooks...but not the knit pants I grew to love...I am thinking of starting a petition campaing or boycotting Wal Mart...but there aren't many other places to shop in my neck of the words...Elizabeth

  • White Stag Pants now GoneKathie OConnor, Tue Mar 6 14:30
    Now that I have gotten used to the White Stag pants instead of Bobbie Brooks, Walmart has done it again. The White Stag knit pants have been replaced with White Stag Leggings! Sorry, but I can't wear ... more
    • White Stag...Bobbie Brooks — Elizabeth Mahlberg, Sat Mar 31 21:44
    • White Stag jeansJeannie, Fri Mar 30 12:07
      I am in the same boat as the rest of you with Walmart's White Stag Jeans. I am not a teenager, anymore, and was a victim of Katrina, losing everything. I stayed with my sister for a while and while... more
      • White Stag...Bobbie BrooksElizabeth Mahlberg, Sat Mar 31 21:51
        Jeannie...You go girl...I am so disgusted with WalMart...I find something I like that fits and the next thing you know it is replaced by something that my daughter's wouldn't even wear and they are... more
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