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Shelia Hartline
I have Bobbie Brooks Items Available in My E-Bay Store
Fri Jun 15, 2007 02:49 (XFF:

Just thought I'd let you all know that I have Bobbie Brooks clothing for sale in my E-Bay store ... & keep looking for more because I have alot of ladies who love it, but can't find it anymore.
Our store is "We Do The Shopping For You", & our seller name is "eandsfor great deals".
I'll keep watching for more Bobbie Brooks goodies to bring you ! ... Shelia

    • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Sat Jun 16 01:22
      Don't mean to sound DUMB, but are you selling brand new clothing, or re-sales?
      • response to Mary-EllenShelia, Sat Jun 16 02:07
        I'm sorry ... I should have told that info when I posted. Our store does sell pre-owned clothing in excellent condition alot of the time. But I worked as a dept. manager for the unmentionable WM ...... more
        • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Sat Jun 16 02:27
          Hi! You sound very knowledgeable about Bobbie Brooks line of clothing, so I'm very curious... Is Bobbie Brooks no longer manufactured, or supplied in only certain geographic areas? I'm in Boston, but ... more
          • Reply to Bobbie Brooks QuestionShelia, Sat Jun 16 14:31
            I'm not so sure about being all that knowledgeable about Bobbie Brooks clothing, but I'll be glad to tell you what I do know ...... Bobbie Brooks clothing had been sold in Wal Marts, but... more
            • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Sat Jun 16 14:49
              Thanks so much for your informative message. If there is a Dollar General store in New Hampshire, I wouldn't be adverse to driving there to shop for Bobbie Brooks. Perhaps I might call the store to... more
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