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Reply to Bobbie Brooks Question
Sat Jun 16, 2007 14:31 (XFF:

I'm not so sure about being all that knowledgeable about Bobbie Brooks clothing, but I'll be glad to tell you what I do know ......
Bobbie Brooks clothing had been sold in Wal Marts, but unfortunately for us, Wal Mart decided to give up the line of clothing. BIG Mistake on their part.
Last that I heard (it could have changed by now)... Dollar General worked out a deal with Bobbie Brooks to carry their line exclusively in their stores.Wal mart no longer has the option of carrying the line, neither does any other department store.
And your right ... as of this date Dollar General doesn't have any stores in Mass., or anywhere very close. I double checked just now, it looks as if the closest stores would be in New Hampshire :o( . But the good news is ... Dollar general is growing by leaps & bounds. They keep opening stores about as quickly as Wal mart use to. And they are starting to work their way up the east coast. So hopefully they'll get to you before long.
I live in Ohio & we have tons of the Dollar General stores here. There's 445 to be exact, & there is 2 in the small town I live in.
But they don't seem to have the Bobbie Brooks line. So I'm not sure if something fell thru with the deal, or if it's just our stores are smaller ones & don't have the variety that bigger ones do.
You might want to visit the Dollar General website & ask the customer service if they could tell you when they might be opening a store in your area. They're kind of neat little stores.
I'm not very favorable for their clothes, but we get our cleaning supplies, spices, & some toiletry items there. And like the name ...the majority of items in the store is $1 ...except the clothing & such.
Hope this helps ... Shelia

  • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Sat Jun 16 02:27
    Hi! You sound very knowledgeable about Bobbie Brooks line of clothing, so I'm very curious... Is Bobbie Brooks no longer manufactured, or supplied in only certain geographic areas? I'm in Boston, but ... more
    • Reply to Bobbie Brooks Question — Shelia, Sat Jun 16 14:31
      • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Sat Jun 16 14:49
        Thanks so much for your informative message. If there is a Dollar General store in New Hampshire, I wouldn't be adverse to driving there to shop for Bobbie Brooks. Perhaps I might call the store to... more
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