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Bobbie Brooks
Mon Oct 1, 2007 10:28 (XFF:

Mary Ellen...I think I will go on the internet and do a little research on Bobbie and find out where to write...maybe if enough of us do they will Bobbie's and White Stag are getting thread bare!!!!

  • Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Mon Oct 1 07:48
    Thanks for the invite to Iowa; however, right now I'd have to pass. If this site is monitored by any Bobbie Brooks employees, we desperately need more of your stores on the East Coast. I'm sure they... more
    • Bobbie Brooks — Elizabeth, Mon Oct 1 10:28
      • White Stag/Bobbie BrooksMary-Ellen, Mon Oct 1 14:26
        Good idea about contacting Bobbie Brooks. They need stores on the East Coast further south than Vermont! However, did you know that White Stag is available at Wal- Mart? Is there a Wal-Mart near you? ... more
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