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Edna Breiman
bobbie brooks jeans and wal-mart
Sat Jan 17, 2009 16:47 (XFF:

bobbie brooks were the best fit in there streck jeans for women, even in plus sizes , i have bought 2 pr of white stag jeans in wal-mart lately , one pr shrunk to high water pants , the other is not the quality of jean material , plus wide leggs , wal-mart inports most of there junk from china, i for one am tired of this treatmjent of customers , so from now on i go to target, or k-mart , even if i have to drive 40 miles one way , white stag is import from countrys , that r paying there workers little to nothing, where is USA made jeans , or anything else , time we stand up and be heard!!!!!!! thank you Edna

    • JeansDollar General Shopper, Wed Jul 21 10:33
      Dollar General started selling some assortments of jeans in shorts, capri and now low rise stretch.
    • Bobbei Brooks jeanssandrajean, Mon Apr 27 15:38
      I agree Edna, nothing can compare to thsoe wonderful Bobbie Brooks jeans. I wish I knew where they were being sold. Some store must be selling them.
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