White Stag Pants
Tue Jun 16, 2009 00:12

While I do believe that you *think* the pants are made from the same pattern because you have been told so, unless you have personally taken the BB pattern and overlayed it on top of the White Stag pattern, then you do NOT know this is true.

Patterns are altered all the time during production runs. A bit shortened here, so that the pattern fits better on the fabric cutting table or a bit of length taken off to save several yards of fabric per hundred jeans.

So while you have been told the patterns are the same, if someone tells you that they have measured the 2 pants and the do not measure the same, then *the patterns can not be the same.*

It is simple logic.

If you still insist that measurements lie, then I have some swamp property that I'd like to sell you.

  • BB JeansAviatrix, Tue Oct 26 10:43
    The full elastic waist White Stag jeans that are in the Wal-Mart stores now are exactly the same as the BB jeans they carried previously. It's cut from the same pattern, and sewn by the same factory... more
    • White Stag Pants — Andrea, Tue Jun 16 00:12
      • where is it?joan lee, Fri Jun 25 12:36
        I have bought the poly/cotton elastic waist white stag ppants with pockets for work every year. Not a fashion statement just good to teach in and cheap. Anything out there to substitute ? no pun... more
    • Bobbie Brooks-White Stag discussionDW, Sat Oct 30 10:26
      The jeans are not the same. The petite size 8 is shorter by at least an inch amd the jeans don't fit around the waist & hips the same.
      • Petite jeansAviatrix, Mon Nov 1 10:59
        They are the same pattern as the Bobbie Brooks, so they should be idemtical. Maybe you got a mis-sized pair.
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