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Heroic Navy Sailor
Tue Jun 9, 2009 13:56

I writing because recently I was watching a Video of actuall footage of WW2 In this particular scene a Navy Corsair I believe, was attempting to land on a carrier. I think either the plane was badly damaged or the pilot was wounded and not able to control the plane which ended up on the edge of the ship. It emediatlly exploded and I see a sailor without regard for his own safety jumps on the plane and attempts to extract the pilot. I can see a tank on fire and I believe the plane could of exploded even more. The sailor I believe should of recieved a Medal of Honor unless It was his duty to jump on a burning plane to save a pilot. I know He did not recieve a Medal of Honor because I have read every citation of Medal of Honor winners in the Navy and did not find anything that described this scene. The Video it called Victory at Sea and discribes many campains in with actual film of ww2. I think it is sad that this sailor never got awarded the Medal of Honor. The problem is that I cannot identify the number on the plane because the film is scketchy. If there is technology that can clear up the haze and get the number of the plane or maybe the sailor himself if he survived because the film clip stops as he is making his attempt to open the canopy. There were other sailor standing and watching him maybe they are alive and rember this scene.

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