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donzel c knight
Thu Jul 7, 2011 19:13

Mr. DeFriez,I just seen your message at ww2 stories.I have very little info on my uncle oter than he was in the 13th/24th and was killed in Germany right before the end of the war.i would be very greatful if you could find a picture of him and send it to me,as i have never seen him. thank you very much.jack knight

  • Re: 13th Armored DivisionAnonymous, Fri May 20 16:33
    I have one of my Ucles (Joseph DeFriez) books of the history and men that were in the Black Cats 13th armored divison/24th tank battalion. He served with these men and the 13th/24th. I can look... more
    • 24th Armored Tank BattalionJay Liberacki, Wed Mar 7 22:42
      You may want to look at the 13th Armored Divisions web site which has an extensive story on the 24th Armored Tank Battalion called 'Boots to Bogies'. Good luck.
    • donzel c knight — jdknight7, Thu Jul 7 19:13
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